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13 Jul
Be a Superhero! Find your sidekick! Adoption special now until July 23rd

Be the superhero to a furry sidekick! There are many amazing potential sidekicks that are looking for superheroes to bring them home this weekend! We have a select group of . . .

13 Jul
Call for foster volunteers!

 We urgently need foster volunteers! On average, these pets need fostering for 2-3 weeks and ADL provides all supplies, food and medical care that’s needed while you foster a pet. . . .

9 Jun
Unconditional Love Adoption Special – 50% off adult pets June 9th, 10th, 11th

The unconditional love between pets and their humans is priceless! We’d like to help you find your furry loving companion, so we’re reducing adoption fees for adult pets at our . . .

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  • Meet Christy! Our @northparksubie #PetStar of the week! Christy arrived at ADL in September of last year. She is now ADL’s longest term resident and is more than ready to find her forever home. She can be a little shy when she first meets you but she loves the people she has become familiar with. After she gets to know you she’ll cuddle with you and love you forever. She knows her basic commands and will stand on her hind legs for treats. Christy is a 3 year old Terrier mix. Visit the Animal Defense League of Texas to meet her.
North Park Subaru is sponsoring Christy and covering her adoption fee. #AdoptDontShop #ShareTheLove #subiedogs #subarudogs #stax #adoptadl
  • We promised you Buttermilk's story and here it is! It's not a short read nor is it an easy one but we promise you it is worth it!Buttermilk was a transfer from Animal Care Services. She was emaciated and unable to walk on one of her front legs. There was an open wound and swelling; our veterinarian could tell just by touching it that the leg was badly broken. There was also a large, firm mass located on her chest and another on a hind leg. Buttermilk was also found to have pyometra (an infection of the uterus that occurs in unspayed females and is often fatal if left untreated). Not only that but she also tested positive for heartworms!
Surgery was immediately performed to spay her and remove the infected uterus along with the mass on her chest. Once she recovered from that surgery, the left front leg was amputated as it was too badly broken to be saved. Finally, her last procedure was given to remove the mass on her back leg.
Both those masses were sent off to find out what they were. The one on her chest came back as a cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma. This is likely due to chronic exposure to the sun. White animals with little pigment are prone to developing skin cancer in areas heavily exposed to the sun! The mass on the hind leg came back as a mast cell tumor. This is a cancerous tumor but it was diagnosed as low grade and completely removed.
But wait, poor Buttermilk also has a collapsed trachea! The rings of cartilage along the airway from her throat to her lungs are weakened and can collapse causing her to cough in a way that sounds similar to honking goose! Luckily the collapse is minimal and can be fairly easily managed.
Buttermilk has gained back all of her weight and recovered from all of her surgeries. The heartworms have been treated. Despite all she has been through due to sheer negligence, she might just be the happiest tripod you get to meet! Even though all the pain and suffering Buttermilk had to endure may make us want to cry, her always, always wagging tail never fails to make us smile. #adoptadl
  • Look at that heart shaped nose! Buttermilk has a lot to smile about and you will too when you hear her #survivor story! Keep an eye on our feed tomorrow to check out Buttermilk's amazing before and after pictures and to read her story. #adoptadl #dogstagram #dogsofinsta #survivorstories #tripawd
  • Park Subaru was driving Miss Daisy yesterday! She’s an 8 year old Basset Hound mix and our Pet Star of the week! Miss Daisy is a charming little lady that enjoys rolling around in the grass and taking it easy. It’s easy to get a big smile out of her and she gets very excited when you bring out the dog biscuits. Miss Daisy loves everyone and is ready to bring lots of joy to her forever home. If you'd like to meet Miss Daisy then visit the Animal Defense League of Texas at 11300 Nacogdoches RD. @northparksubie is sponsoring Miss Daisy and covering her adoption fee.#AdoptDontShop #ShareTheLove#adoptadog #satx #subarudogs #subiedogs #dogstagram #bassethoundsofig #bassetmix
  • It's a little windy but that's not why my ear is being silly. That's just how I am! I think it makes me pretty distinct, right? #dogstagram #adoptadog #sanantonio #dogsofinstagram #adoptadl
  • The one thing we can tell you for sure is that Sandy's super power is not posing for pictures! Lightening speed though, that might be it! She's a compact girl who loves to zoom around but knows how to walk nicely on a leash and also knows just when it is time to settle down and cuddle! #sanantonio #dogsofinsta #dogsofinstagram #muttsofinstagram #adoptadog #adoptadl
  • Get ready! This weekend we will be showcasing all of our super hero pets! These select friends are on a "name your own price" special this weekend! Looking for your perfect side kick? Keep an eye on our instagram today and maybe you'll find the Robin to your Batman! #dogstagram #adoptadog #adoptadl #sanantonio #superhero
  • That moment when you find out you and your new friend like doing the same things. #bestfriends #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #sanantonio #adoptadl
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