EmBARK Foster Program

Introducing the Animal Defense League’s EmBark Program:

Unleash joy, love, and adventure with furry friends!

Have you ever dreamed of making a significant impact in a dog’s life while enjoying the heartwarming experience of companionship? Look no further than our EmBark Foster Program – your passport to providing shelter pets with a much-deserved break from kennel life!

Home Away from Home: Imagine being the hero that opens the door to a whole new world for our medium to large dogs! These remarkable companions, over one year old and above 40lbs, are ready to embark on a life-changing vacation in the comfort of your loving home. Scientific studies have proven that even a short time spent in a home environment can work wonders for a dog’s emotional well-being.

Vetted, Vaccinated, and Valiant: Our EmBark pets come fully vetted and prepared for their forever homes. You’ll be hosting a furry friend who is not only eager for your love but also primed for adoption success. By opening your heart and home, you’re giving them the ultimate chance to shine as the loving companions they were born to be.

Tail-Wagging Adventures: Be a part of their incredible journey – from the kennels to a world of endless tail wags, playtime, and heartwarming moments. The EmBark Foster Program is all about giving these dogs a taste of the good life and the love they deserve. Your dedication will become their stepping stone to a brighter future.

Your Time, Your Terms: EmBark is designed to fit your lifestyle. Our flexible short-term fostering program starts at just two weeks, but the adventure can continue for as long as you choose. We provide you with all the supplies and guidance you need to ensure a seamless experience for both you and your furry guest. Your willingness to open your home is a gift that keeps on giving.

Join the EmBark Foster Program today, and become a beacon of hope for shelter dogs in need. Your love, care, and dedication will shape their destiny and create unforgettable memories for both of you. Let the paw-sitive journey begin – because every moment counts, and every wag of the tail is a testament to your compassion!

EmBark on this heartwarming journey and be the bridge between a pet’s past and their future. Contact us to start your journey as an EmBark foster today! For any further questions, email embark@adltexas.org.

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