Help Pets Through Specialized Care

As San Antonio’s largest non-profit, live release animal shelter, the Animal Defense League will save the lives of over 7,000 dogs and cats in 2022. Many of these pets will require non-routine surgeries ranging in cost from $750-$1,500. We believe that no matter how complex the challenge, every pet needing specialized care deserves the gift of life and a loving home!

In December 2021, a timid Shepherd mix named Bianca was transferred to the Animal Defense League from the local municipal shelter. Our dedicated medical team provided her with emotional and medical support. Before long, the three-year-old pup’s tail started wagging despite serious health conditions discovered during her intake exam. Bianca tested positive for heartworm disease, and a biopsy confirmed she also had a large cancerous mass.

She was diagnosed with a malignant Transmissible Venereal Tumor. Due to her special condition, Bianca required costly, outsourced care. After twelve weeks of IV Vincristine injections, (chemotherapy), her mass began to decrease in size. Thanks to these life-saving efforts, Bianca is now officially cancer and heartworm free!

With your support, vulnerable pets like Bianca will have the opportunity to live happy, healthy lives with families that love them!

A sweet, senior cat named King joined the Animal Defense League during the summer of 2021. Being a mellow fellow, he adapted quickly to the ADL Cattery. While in our care, Cattery staff found King in a critical state, respiratory in nature.

He was immediately rushed to the ADL Hospital where internal imaging was conducted. Evaluation of the x-rays helped diagnose King with a Diaphragmatic Hernia that tore muscle and caused his lower organs to transfer into his chest cavity. An emergency repair surgery correctly repositioned the organs back into his abdomen. This traumatic injury was most likely caused by a hit and run vehicle prior to his arrival at the Animal Defense League.

This extensive procedure took three hours to complete and would have carried a cost up to $3,000 if outsourced. ADL’s team and diagnostic equipment, funded in part by our wonderful donors, saved King’s life. We are grateful for caring community members like you!

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Now more than ever, ADL needs your support. The cost of a life-saving procedure ranges in cost from $750-$1,500. Join the fight by making a donation below and help ADL save more of these precious lives in 2022.