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Thank you everyone! We have surpassed our goal for Ireland’s surgery!


Ireland's Surgery Fundraiser

Ireland needs your help!

Ireland is an incredibly sweet 2-year-old, lab mix who loves people. Unfortunately, he has cranial cruciate rupture of both knees which causes him to struggle with walking. The cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) is one of the most important stabilizers of the canine knee joint. In humans, CCL is called the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). ACL tears in humans are generally secondary to trauma (common in football players/contact sports). However, in dogs they are usually degenerative (although a lot of animals have an identifying event where the knee is pushed to final capacity).

Thankfully, CCL tears can be addressed with surgical repair or medical management, with surgical repair having the utmost quality of life restored.

A few surgical procedures exist- tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) and lateral suture are the most common methods. The TPLO surgery is most ideal for large breed and active dogs, such as Ireland. This surgery ultimately changes the weight bearing forces of the knee. Most dogs go back to normal activity after 8 weeks of exercise restriction, post-operative. Lateral suture repairs are more commonly recommended for small breed dogs.

Great news! Dr. Mike Dosal and his surgical mentor, Dr. Justin Harper have been consulted and quoted us $2,500 to repair BOTH CCL tears (via the TPLO technique). Another specialty hospital quoted us around $3,500 for ONE repair. Drs. Dosal and Harper from Texas Specialty Veterinary Services work as a mobile surgical company and would be able to perform the surgery right here at ADL. Both knees would be able to be repaired on the same day.

We believe this is the best treatment option for Ireland. If left untreated, Ireland will have a long road of osteoarthritis and pain ahead of him, but with your help, we can help him get the surgery he needs.


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UPDATE: Thank you everyone! We have surpassed our goal for Ireland’s surgery!

Wow, we had an amazing response to Ireland’s fundraiser! Because of all YOUR support, $6,000 was raised within 72 hours which means we have far surpassed our goal to help Ireland get the TPLO surgery he needs for his knees. Ireland has been scheduled to have his surgery on October 7th with Dr. Dosal and Dr. Harper from Texas Specialty Veterinary Services, PLLC. Additional funds will cover any extra care Ireland needs such as medications as he recovers. We’ll keep everyone posted on Ireland as he recovers and when he’s ready to find his forever home.

The ADL Hospital cares for hundreds of animals and treats special medical cases on a daily basis. Unfortunately, immediate medical and specialty surgical needs can arise at any time. The additional funds from Ireland’s fundraiser will go directly towards our medical account which will allow us to be ready to help the next Ireland that comes along. From Ireland and the ADL staff, thank you for all your generous support! ????❤️

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