Help Little Rocko

Rocko is a 5-month-old Shepherd mix. This friendly, affectionate pup came to the Animal Defense League from the local municipal shelter after he was found as a stray. Our medical team confirmed that Rocko was suffering from an injury that would require the amputation of his right hind leg.

Unfortunately, before Rocko could undergo this routine procedure, a significant problem with his breathing presented itself.

Rocko struggled to breathe when lying down due to a severe diaphragmatic hernia. A diaphragmatic hernia is a condition in which a break in the diaphragm allows abdominal organs to move into the chest, constricting breathing. In dogs, this is typically caused by trauma like being hit by a car, physical abuse, or a congenital defect. Based on Rocko’s overall condition, our medical team suspects that his herniated diaphragm was caused by physical abuse.

Our goal is to raise $2,000 to secure treatment by a specialized surgeon who will ensure Rocko is on his road to recovery very soon! With your support, we will quickly raise the funds needed to cover the cost of this scheduled surgery and help Rocko make a full recovery from these substantial injuries.

Please supports ADL’s commitment to Rocko by donating today. Remember, any amount will help!