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staff: Katelynn Mozisek
Gentle giant is her title in Building 5! :-) I love Alina because of her gentle nature & how easy going she is. She gets so happy every time she sees someone she knows & she’ll start dancing around out of excitement! Even though she is large, I love how she is never con. . .
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staff: Emily Martinez
Aquafina is a very affectionate gal that loves people. She enjoys going on walks, receiving lots of attention and sleeping on plush beds. She loves to people watch in hopes that everyone will give her lots of pets. She doesn’t like the cold and will stay snuggled up in bed. . .
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staff: Katelynn Mozisek
Henny is one of my favorite dogs at ADL because he is such a ladies man! He puts on the charm x100 when he’s around females :-) Although Henny is the longest resident in building 5, he is never forgotten…he’s spoiled rotten! He has his own play yard front & center tha. . .
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staff: Chelsea Rausch
She’s a purrfect little lady, who politely greets everyone who comes to meet her, no matter their age. Junie even does well with infant children! When you first see this girl, she’ll probably be snoozing on a pillow beside one of the windows, but as soon as you enter he. . .
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