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staff: Margaret Schiele
Don’t let this distinguished boy’s appearance fool you. His white sprinkles are merely cosmetic and not at all indicative of his true age. Treat-catching is one of Mr. Borris’s talents and he bounces when he finds out someone has them to give! This sweet boy gets so ex. . .
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staff: Charlie Davidson
Dorothy is one of the Teen Room's most lively residents. As a lover of both people and dogs, she's going to easily fit right in to just about any household. She's got a super spunky spirit, is great with kids, and loves to play (dangly toys are her favorite). Dorothy's a rea. . .
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staff: Katelynn Mozisek
Henny is one of my favorite dogs at ADL because he is such a ladies man! He puts on the charm x100 when he’s around females :-) Although Henny is the longest resident in building 5, he is never forgotten…he’s spoiled rotten! He has his own play yard front & center tha. . .
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staff: Angie Amador
Henry has been here for about 2.5 years which is around the same amount of time that I have been working here! He is one of our older grumpier guys who enjoy sunbathing, rolling around in the dirt, digging and then laying in that hole he dug as well as getting brushed. He do. . .
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