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staff: Emily Martinez
Aquafina is a very affectionate gal that loves people. She enjoys going on walks, receiving lots of attention and sleeping on plush beds. She loves to people watch in hopes that everyone will give her lots of pets. She doesn’t like the cold and will stay snuggled up in bed. . .
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staff: Margaret Schiele
Don’t let this distinguished boy’s appearance fool you. His white sprinkles are merely cosmetic and not at all indicative of his true age. Treat-catching is one of Mr. Borris’s talents and he bounces when he finds out someone has them to give! This sweet boy gets so ex. . .
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staff: Kelly Samano
Buck is such a character! He will definitely keep you entertained with his goofy side. Buckaroo also has his sweet and gentle side that just wants to be cuddled with and loved on. He looks at you with those sweet eyes of his just begging for you to pet him. He is great to wa. . .
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staff: Charlie Davidson
Buffy has been with us for some time and is currently a resident at Phat Camp in our cattery at the Animal Defense League's Main Campus. Buffy has a little reputation because she doesn't get along with many other cats, but if you're looking for the perfect only child Buffy's. . .
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