Holiday Pet Hazards

With the holidays quickly fading into memory it’s time to take down the tree and other decorations that brightened so many houses in our community.  The chore is never a fun.  But what pet owners may not realize is many decorations and holiday treats can pose a health threat to their furry friends.

Here are some of the problems we should all keep in mind:

  • Tinsel – cats love to play with it.  But if ingested it can cause intestinal lacerations and even death.   Be sure to keep tinsel away from your pets.
  • Lights – dogs chewing on cords can suffer electrical shock and mouth burns.  The shock can even cause a heart attack.
  • Tree Water – The sap from pine trees can be toxic to dogs and cats.   Best to be sure the container is emptied as you take down the tree.
  • Candy – chocolate, especially baking chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats.  Even a tiny amount can be deadly.
  • Ornaments – Glass ornaments are very attractive to cats.  They will bat them around and, unfortunately, sometimes break them posing a serious risk of cuts to their paws.

If you think your dog or cat has ingested chocolate or other potentially dangerous items, here’s what to look for:

  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • lethargy
  • seizures (in very serious cases)

If you believe your pet is suffering from ingesting a potentially poisonous food or object, call your veterinarian or the nearest emergency pet center.