Fireworks Safety for Pets

Fireworks Pet Safety Tips

Humans may enjoy the revelry of fireworks, but for some pets  – fireworks, like thunder storms, can cause a great deal of stress which may include:

  • Violent shaking, trembling
  • Excessive drooling
  • Barking, howling
  • Trying to hide or get into / out of the house, fence, or other enclosure
  • Refusing to eat food
  • Some animals may loose bladder or bowel control or experience temporary diarrhea from prolonged stress

How can you protect your pet from the stress associated with fireworks? 

  • Keep your pets indoors.
  • Close the curtains or blinds and turn on the TV or radio to provide some distraction.
  • Treat toys such as kongs filled with their favorite food may help keep their minds busy and distract them from the fireworks.
  • A quiet place, such as a carrier or crate may provide your pet with a sense of security and comfort.
  • Use a leash or carrier if you must go outside with your pet to keep them from running off which is a common response to stress and fear.
  • Practice fire safety!  Keep pets away from matches, open fires, and fireworks. Pets may try to sniff (or eat) fireworks and pet hair can easily catch fire if they get too close.
  • Take pets for a walk before the fireworks begin. Some pets are too frightened to go out once the fireworks are popping, and this may lead to an “accident” later on.
  • Make sure your pet’s ID is current. Your pets should always have proper identification tags, with current information, in case they get lost.  Micro-chipping is strongly recommended.

Some dogs don’t seem to notice the fireworks. But some pets cannot be calmed by petting or talking to them – they are simply too upset by the noise.  Animals who are frightened/stressed can hurt themselves and possibly escape if left alone, and the results can be fatal. Frightened animals running loose are in great danger of being lost or, worse yet, hit by a car. For this reason, please be prepared to be there for your pet during Fourth of July and News Year’s Day.

We hope these pet tips can help keep your pets calm and safe during firework celebrations.