Service Groups

At ADL we have many projects available that require the assistance of service groups. Groups do NOT need to attend a volunteer orientation, but a short presentation will be held before each project.

Please Note: Our volunteer group opportunities are for volunteers 16 years of age or older. All volunteers who are either 16 or 17 will need their group service waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities for youth ages 12-15, you can find more information on our Junior Volunteer program here.   Service group maximum total participants may be limited depending on project or location within the campus.

What Do Service Groups Do?

Groups might split-up to assist with kennel cleaning duties or be assigned a project such as painting, landscaping, or washing windows. Available projects will be discussed in advance to match with the capabilities, experience, and needs of the group. Note: Dog walking is not available to groups, but at the end of the project our staff will provide a time for animal interaction. Groups should be dressed and prepared to complete tasks that are primarily labor-intensive/outside.

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