Education & Tours

Humane Education

The Animal Defense League is committed to educating the community about being responsible pet owners. Schools are encouraged to schedule a humane education program with ADL. Schools can opt to have an ADL representative come to class with or without a dog (ADL animals are always fully vaccinated and leashed when off property). Schools can also choose to come to the ADL for a program and tour. School groups of up to 20 may come to the ADL to learn about the proper animal care and the ADL mission. Topics discussed can include pet care, how to properly approach a dog, what to do when you see a stray, and the importance of getting pets spayed or neutered.

We are available Tuesday through Friday for Humane Education and can tailor an age-appropriate program for each class. Please contact Marita Martinez, at mmartinez@adltexas.org or 210-655-1481 ext. 143 to schedule your humane education presentation!

If you have any questions, please call (210) 655-1481, ext. 143