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Handsome is a 3yr old terrier mix who was abandoned at the Animal Defense League with an extremely large growth on his right side, equal to the size of a watermelon and weighing over 12 lbs. Although Handsome was still able to walk, the large mass caused his right shoulder to protrude, dramatically hindering his ability to move freely and resulting in extreme discomfort. Handsome had lost the ability to be a happy, active dog. ADL’s medical team needed to give him a true chance at a better life.
ADL quickly enlisted the services of a specialized surgeon who performed an extensive surgical procedure which safely removed the mass. Although extremely complex and invasive, the surgery was a complete success and Handsome is now well on his road to recovery! After two weeks, the bandages and sutures were removed to reveal a second chance at a wonderful life for Handsome!

Preston came to ADL in September 2020 as a one-month-old kitten who was placed into a loving foster home to gain weight. When Preston was ready to receive his neuter surgery, our hospital staff observed an abnormal chest formation which meant Preston was unable to thrive like a normal kitten. He could not play or race around with his potential playmates as it caused him distress and shortness of breath.
Dr. Dosal and his team resolved the deformation by placing a series of heavy-duty sutures secured via an external splint for approximately one month. This splint was required to hold the correction while Preston’s body continued to grow and develop in the proper orientation.
As a result of this specialty surgery, Preston’s heart and other vital organs relocated to their natural position and he was soon playing and running like any other kitten his age. We are pleased to share that Preston has been adopted into a loving home!


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