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Hi, I'm Impa

Diamond in the Ruff

Nacogdoches Campus - Bldg. 10




10 years, 1 month and 13 days old


57 pounds



more about me

Hi there! My name is Impa, and I'm a playful and cuddly pup looking for my forever home. Despite my tough appearance, I'm actually a big softie at heart. Just like my namesake from the Legend of Zelda series, I'm a loyal and protective companion, always ready to stand by my friends.

I might not show well in my kennel, but don't let that fool you. Once you get me outside, you'll see my true colors. I love nothing more than snuggling up next to my human and enjoying some delicious snacks. I'll wag my tail and give you my best puppy eyes to make sure I get all the love and attention I deserve.

But I have a secret…I'm actually scared of thunderstorms. Just like Link, I can get a little spooked when the skies start to rumble. When it gets loud outside, all I want is to be held and comforted by my human. With a little love and reassurance, I know I can overcome my fears and become the brave and loyal companion you've been searching for.

So if you're looking for a furry sidekick who's ready for adventure and always down for a cuddle, look no further than Impa. I'm ready to join your quest and become the hero of your heart!

The pet adoption fee includes:

Spay/neuter surgery, age appropriate vaccinations, microchip, internal and external parasite treatment, heartworm prevention, a starter bag of Heritage Ranch by H-E-B pet food and more! Fees may be different during adoption specials. Call 210-655-1481 for details or view our Calendar of Events for current specials!

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