Feline Fix

The Five Cent Feline Fix

The Friends of Coconut & Nutmeg and The Daily Nut, in celebration of their human’s 50th birthday, are giving the public the opportunity to get their feline fixed for only 5¢ on Monday, June 24, 2019. We are accepting 50 appointments for this special initiative. You can sign up with one of the timeslots posted. Our location is ADL Hospital: 11215 Iota Dr., San Antonio, TX 78217

Limit one cat per household. The online form will be available on this webpage at 10:00 am on Monday, June 10th.


  • 1 cat per carrier
  • pet must be in a hard-sided plastic carrier big enough for cat to recover after sx (if cat can comfortably stand/turn around- carrier is big enough)
  • no food after 10 PM night before

Sign up have now been filled!

*Please note, depending on what bank you have your card with, they may require a minimum of a 50 cent charge. If you would like, we can refund the 45 cents on the day of the appointment.

Location: ADL Hospital address: 11215 Iota Dr., San Antonio, TX 78217

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