Roosevelt Fund 2020

About Roosevelt

Roosevelt was a fearful terrier mix who came into ADL’s care in June 2012. Despite arthritis, mange, ear and eye infections, and internal parasites, Roosevelt began to warm up to our staff. His strong will and energy was an inspiration to all.

Years of living on the streets of  San Antonio had taken a toll on Roosevelt’s body, and he eventually passed peacefully in our hospital. We could not entirely fix Roosevelt, but we gave him a loving and safe space in his last days. In his honor, ADL created the Roosevelt Fund—to support the most critical cases that come to ADL. With donations provided by the Roosevelt Fund ADL is able to save more lives and give hope to dogs and cats with challenging medical cases.

Medical Cases

Wilbur’s Story

Wilbur was found as a stray at just 2-months-old. When a kind neighbor noticed his red, irritated skin, she knew that he needed help and brought him to the ADL. A quick test at our hospital confirmed that Wilbur was suffering from Demodectic Mange.

This inflammatory condition is caused by Demodex mites that leave pets with itchy skin, sores, scabs, reddened skin, and hair loss.

Pancakes’ Story

Pancakes and his siblings were brought in when they were just 4 days old after being found on their own. Without a mother, neonatal kittens like Pancakes cannot eat, stay warm, or even use the bathroom. Through our foster program, Pancake received the consistent support that he needed to grow into a strong, adoption-ready kitten.

Last year, the foster program saved over 1200 cats and kittens and we anticipate that this number will grow by 20% in 2020. ADL provides all of our fosters with training, food, medicine, and supplies to ensure a fun and rewarding experience. As the program grows, the need for fosters and supplies also grows.

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Donate to ADL TODAY and help us save more special pets!

We never give up on the hard cases. Your contribution to the Roosevelt Fund directly impacts the lives of the most vulnerable. With your support, ADL can save even more deserving pets!

Your donation in any amount will help ADL to continue its mission to maintain a healthy and loving facility, and find the best possible home for each resident animal.