Help Pinkie through her New Beginning

Meet Pinkie,

Pinkie was an orphaned puppy that came into ADL’s care, at just 2 days old, in January 2022. She was cold to the touch – suggesting hypothermia, she had visibly swollen legs, and suffered from sepsis and necrotic feet. Around-the-clock care and attention was required in an ADL staff member’s home to nurture the puppy back to a state of health for our medical team to address these initial concerns. After 3 weeks, Pinkie’s swelling went down and she presented in a much better state. After administering an x-ray to get a better understanding of Pinkie’s condition, our veterinarian noted complete fractures through Pinkie’s radius and ulna, the long bones that make up the forearm. The ADL medical team splinted and casted Pinkie for months, but it was a struggle.

After consulting with an orthopedic specialist, orthopedic braces became a part of Pinkie’s everyday life. Once Pinkie reaches skeletal maturity (one year of age approximately), surgical intervention on one leg is required to try to salvage it. Pinkie will reach this age in January 2023. One additional leg may need a similar procedure or amputation – that remains to be seen, however.

Pinkie’s surgery will cost up to $3,000. Pinkie’s rough start as an orphaned puppy and the cards she was dealt with her health don’t stop her from being a loving companion and happy-go-lucky dog. Your contribution is crucial to help Pinkie through her new beginning for the new year.