Hi, I'm Kevin






27 lbs.




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OK, this is my best pleading face. Is it working? I do have magnificent ears, don’t I? Despite my look, I’m a very happy boy, playful and active, constantly looking to you for cues about what you want to do next. You’ll notice I walk a little oddly, but it’s no big deal. When I came here, the vets checked me out, and x-rays showed I had old fractures on both sides of my pelvis. But they were already healing, and as long as you keep me lean like I am now, I should have no problems from them. I don’t mind the funny walk, and I hope you don’t.

Pet Adoption Fee:

  • Puppies: $200
  • Dogs: $60
  • Kittens: $100
  • Cats: $30
  • Pay-It-Forward Pets: $175
  • Pay-It-Forward Puppies: $300

The pet adoption fee includes:

Spay/neuter surgery, age appropriate vaccinations, microchip, internal and external parasite treatment, heartworm prevention, 30 days of 24PetWatch Pet Insurance, a starter bag of Heritage Ranch by H-E-B pet food and more! Fees may be different during adoption specials. Call 210-655-1481 for details or view our Calendar of Events for current specials!

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