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Hi, I'm Gordita




9 years, 2 months and 10 days old


13 pounds




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I got to spend some time in a foster home and this is what my foster family had to say about me! "Don't let her name fool you, Gordita is very playful and agile at eight years old, especially after a satisfying meal. She shows off her years of cat experience by carefully choosing the perfect, sunny nap spot, not scratching any furniture, or jumping on things she shouldn't. She loves a good scratch post with enough room to streeeetch. Her favorite time is breakfast first thing in the morning and will let you know when it's late! She likes to pretend stuffed animals are kittens and cleans (licks) them up until she is satisfied with her work. Her favorite activity is late evening sunset naps after a good rolling and stretching session. She warms up to people quickly as long as she's given enough space. She is the kind of cat that likes to sit close by you, but not on you- she will let you know when she wants to be pet. Gordita is the quintessential cat person's cat."

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