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Hi, I'm Alina




4 years, 1 month


50 lbs.




Alina available for adoption at ADL

more about me

When you come to my kennel, I’ll happily run to the door and greet you with wags and enthusiasm, overflowing with happiness and friendliness. But when staff takes me out to meet you, you’ll hardly recognize the shy, reluctant dog at the end of the leash. I don’t remember what happened before I came here, but I’m just so scared that it takes a long time for me to trust people. I don’t have an ounce of meanness in me – I just need someone with patience to wait for me to be ready to share my love. When that time comes, I enjoy cuddling and I’m as sweet as can be. If you have the time, the rewards are great – I promise!

staff's description:

Gentle giant is her title in Building 5! :-) I love Alina because of her gentle nature & how easy going she is. She gets so happy every time she sees someone she knows & she’ll start dancing around out of excitement! Even though she is large, I love how she is never confrontational & is always ready to roll on her back for belly rubs. I think of her as being a great family dog who would lay on the couch with you & watch movies! I love how talkative she is with me & when I sit with her in the kennel, she is ready to hear about my day! She especially loves her snack time just as much as I do:-) The love of peanut butter is definitely shared between us :-)
-Katelynn Mozisek

Pet Adoption Fee:

  • Puppies: $200
  • Dogs: $60
  • Kittens: $100
  • Cats: $30
  • Pay-It-Forward Pets: $175
  • Pay-It-Forward Puppies: $300

The pet adoption fee includes:

Spay/neuter surgery, age appropriate vaccinations, microchip, internal and external parasite treatment, heartworm prevention, 30 days of 24PetWatch Pet Insurance, a starter bag of Heritage Ranch by H-E-B pet food and more! Fees may be different during adoption specials. Call 210-655-1481 for details or view our Calendar of Events for current specials!

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