Pet Storm Tips

Be prepared

Make sure your pet’s tags and microchips are up to date, just in case.

  • Have your pets leash/collar and crate if you travel with it, along with veterinary records just in case you do need to leave your home.
  • Keep them inside! Storms can be scary and even pets who don’t usually leave the back yard can be spooked by all the sounds and different weather.

Keep them busy!

  • Have a stuffed Kong toy ready to go with something super yummy inside to serve as a distraction and soothing device during the worst of the storm.
  • If your dog is comfortable in the crate, have their crate available and padded with bedding, even a shirt that smells like you can be comforting!
  • Play soothing music to help distract from the storm.
  • Play games and use really yummy treats to keep them busy.

Don’t be worried about comforting or petting your dog during the storm! The old saying about not comforting a scared dog is not true. You can’t reinforce fear but you CAN make your pup feel as secure and calm as possible when scary things are going on.