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Halloween Safety Pet Tips

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Watch the treat bowl! Candies, baked goods, and human food can be very toxic to pets. Especially chocolate and xylitol which are common ingredients in many candies. Keep all treats in a spot where your pet can’t reach. Be careful with costumes. Not all pets enjoy wearing a costume. Make sure your pet is comfortable and watch for signs of anxiety. They should have no obstructions blocking their sight, no dangling objects they can swallow, make sure they can easily…

Fosters Needed

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Our foster department urgently needs foster volunteers for these furbabies! We have several litters of puppies and a mama cat with kittens that need foster care. All puppies are eating on their own. We’d like to have them placed into foster homes by the end of today. As always, ADL provides all needed supplies and medical care for our fosters. If you or someone you know is interested in fostering, please contact us by emailing foster@adltexas.org or call us at…

Foster Puppies at Animal Defense League of Texas | San Antonio

We’re looking for foster volunteers

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Fall is upon us and we are starting to get in more animals in need of fosters. We need fosters for the following... Mother cat with kittens -  Karen is nursing her 6 kittens. Her kittens will need to nurse for about 2 weeks before they can be weaned. Mom does all the feeding and cleaning for her kittens. Litter of 4 kittens - We have kittens that need a few weeks to gain weight before they can be placed…

North Park Subaru’s Pet Star of the Week is Ryan!

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Meet Ryan! He’s North Park Subaru's Pet Star of the week! He's a 1 year old, Jack Russell Terrier Mix. Ryan is a sweet and clam little guy. He’s friendly but a little shy around new people. However, it won’t take long for him to warm up to you! If you're looking to add a furry family member to your home, then come by and meet Ryan! North Park Subaru is sponsoring Ryan and taking care of his adoption fee.…

North Park Subaru’s Pet Star of the Week is Benji!

Categories: Animal Defense League BlogsPet Spotlight

‪ Meet Benji! He's North Park Subaru's pet star of the week. He's a 1 year old, Terrier Mix Benji will have no problem jumping in your car to go on adventures with you! Not only does he enjoy car rides, but he LOVES treats. Bring out the treats and he’ll be your best buddy! He’s friendly with everyone and sometimes likes to hold hands. He’d make a great companion to have by your side and go on walks with…

Volunteer of the Month – Tobin Rote

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Let’s congratulate Tobin Rote who has selflessly served our organization for nearly three years, logging more than 1,200 hours helping in several capacities. Tobin walks and socializes with our dogs, has spent one-on-one time with them through our Doggie Diplomat program and provides assistance at several events, including our annual Fur Ball. Recently, Tobin saved the life of one of ADL’s dogs, Shelby who was surrendered to a shelter in Enid, OK, but who was first adopted at the ADL…

North Park Subaru’s Pet Star of the Week is Rufio!

Categories: Animal Defense League BlogsPet Spotlight

Meet Rufio! He's the pet star of the week. Rufio is a 3 year old, American Staffordshire Terrier Mix. He’s incredibly friendly, sweet, he’s great with kids and enjoys taking a ride in a vehicle. He’s very smart too! He knows how to sit and shake hands and we’re sure he could easily learn more. He came to us with his ears cropped so he needs a little ear medication. Come by and visit the wonderful Rufio today! North Park…

Big Give S.A. is May 3rd

Take the Animal Defense League’s “10 +10 Challenge”  On this citywide day of giving, show your love and support for furry friends. Donate $10 + Share with 10 friends on May 3rd during the Big Give S.A. We need 600 people to give just $10 each on May 3rd the day of The Big Give S.A. Donations will go towards providing shade structures for the community Kennel Play Yards to keep our dogs cool and shaded from the sun while…