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A colorful way to support ADL – Join the Color Vibe 5K

Categories: Community Events

The Color Vibe 5k is coming to San Antonio on February 25th and we don’t want you to miss out on any of the fun! Kids 12 and under run for FREE!!! The Color Vibe 5K proudly supports the Animal Defense League of Texas so your participation will support the animals! Use coupon code: ADL to save $4 on your ticket price. Invite your friends and family to this event so they won’t miss out on the fun!! REGISTER NOW: http://www.thecolorvibe.com/sanantonio.php

North Park Subaru Pet Star – Harriet!

Categories: Pet Spotlight

Meet Harriet! She’s North Park Subaru's Pet Star of the week! It doesn't take much to make sweet Harriet smile, especially if you have a yummy treat for her! She's energetic, playful and gets along well with everyone. She does great in a car and may even jump in your lap to get a closer look out the window. Harriet is an 8 yr. old, Jack Russell Terrier mix. She is heartworm positive and her treatment is covered by ADL.…

Help heal the hearts of heartworm positive dogs.

Categories: Ways to help ADL

At the Animal Defense League of Texas, we have seen a dramatic increase in heartworm positive homeless dogs. Medication alone can cost $200 - $600, depending on the size of the dog. If you would like to help, please consider making a donation today. Your donation will go directly towards the treatment needed to heal their hearts. Make a Donation or text Valentine to 91999

Give Love, Save them All Adoption Event: Feb. 3rd – 5th & 10th -12th

Categories: Adoption Event

We’ve partnered with Best Friends Animal Society to help you GIVE LOVE and SAVE THEM ALL! This weekend from Feb. 3rd – 5th & 10th -12th, select pets that are over 40 lbs. or over 4 years old will have a $14 adoption fee! You can find your furry new friend at both locations: Animal Defense League of Texas (Main Campus) 11300 Nacogdoches Rd. San Antonio Texas 78217 Open daily: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm Paul Jolly Center for Pet…

Bradie is our undercat of the week

Undercat of the Week – Bradie

Categories: Pet Spotlight

Meet Bradie! Bradie is one of the current residents of our hospital and our “Undercat of the week"! Bradie came into our facility in October after being hit by a car. We instantly knew she was in a lot of pain. Our veterinarian immediately worked on getting her stabilized to determine what exactly had been injured. X-rays were taken, and we discovered Bradie had been hit so badly that her abdominal wall was no longer intact. Her organs had been…

Paul Jolly Center for Pet Adoptions – community open house

Categories: Community Events

Join us for the open house of the Paul Jolly Center for Pet Adoptions! Saturday, January 28th 11 am - 1 pm 210 Tuleta Dr. San Antonio, TX 78212 We’re new in the neighborhood and we want to get to know you. So, stop by and let us show you: Wonderful companion animals available for adoption. Through January 27th - 29th, we are offering half-price adoption fees for pets four months or older. Volunteer opportunities for you or your organization…

North Park Subaru Pet Star of the Week – 1 Year Anniversary

Categories: Animal Defense League Blogs

It's the one year anniversary since we started featuring our weekly North Park Subaru Pet Stars! We are so thankful to have the opportunity to have such a wonderful partner like North Park Subaru. As many of you already know, every week they allow us to bring in one of our ADL dogs to have their photo taken in one of their Subaru vehicles. We take these photos and share them on our social media accounts. They also sponsor every…

Thanksgiving Day Pet Tips

Categories: Pet Tips

Bones can be hazardous to your pet! Yes, dog bones are common treats seen in pet stores. However, that doesn't mean it's safe to give your pets just ANY bone. Those left over bones, especially cooked ones, can be extremely hazardous to your pets! Bones can become brittle, splinter, and pose a choking hazard to your furry loved one. They can possibly get stuck in their stomach's too! Bone fragments can interfere with their bowel movements, cause constipation or even…