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Guard the Door

Categories: Pet Tips

It’s one of those things that happens in an instant. You open the door to get the mail or check the weather and your dog takes that moment to run right past you … into the great outdoors! Uh oh! Door-bolting is a common problem almost every dog owner experiences at one time or another. Let’s face it, the outside is soooooo interesting to our dogs! There are leaves and smells and other dogs and so much more to see…

Let's Be Friends!

Categories: Pet Tips

For anyone who has ever heard some describe their dog as “aggressive,” you are not alone!  The truth is, in many cases it’s not aggression at all but REACTION that’s the problem. A trigger for a reactive dog can be anything from another dog, to strangers to cars or vacuum cleaners.  The reaction can be out of fear or excitement and yes, sometimes it is aggression.  Whatever it is that has your dog reacting, there are some things you can…

Say My Name, Say My Name

It may sound silly, but sometimes getting your dog to learn his or her name can be a real challenge. Just like a newborn baby, many pet owners agonize over the perfect name for their pup.  Whether you want something cute, cool, quirky or crazy … naming our dog is a lesson in creativity.  So when pup just looks at you like your nuts, well, that can drive you nuts!  Of course, learning the name has some real training consequences…

Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

Categories: FosterOpt to Adopt

Currently available for foster are Clarence and Jake. These two wonderful little guys are almost ready for adoption and simply need to gain a few pounds before spay/neuter surgery. Literally too cute for words, I have yet to establish a breed for these two as "Your Guess Is As Good As Mine" Should you be interested in fostering please feel free to contact foster@adltexas.org or by phone at 210.655.1481 ext.123  

Housebreaking Woes

Categories: Pet Tips

Housebreaking is one of those things that almost every dog owner struggles with when they get a new best friend.  Whether you get a puppy or a dog, it's always going to be lesson number one! Teaching your dog to "do its business" outside takes a little time, management and LOTS of patience! Sadly, many dog owners aren't willing to do the extra work. Even scarier is when they think the dog or puppy should just "figure it out" on…

Foster Update – Perry

Categories: FosterPet Spotlight

Having recently undergone surgery to have both eyes removed, Perry has been recovering well with his new foster family. What makes this case such a special one is the fact Perry found a home with another blind dog. His foster family adopted "Odie" a few years back and have completely arranged and "proofed" their home for these special little guys. Doors in the house are fitted with bells so these guys know when and where doors are opening. Mom walks…

A True Foster Success Story

Categories: FosterOpt to Adopt

The  2014 year is already off to a great start! To ring in the New Year, one of our long term fosters was able to find a forever home. Originally brought in with 8 puppies, Sophie needed time in foster to dry her remaining milk and more importantly to work thru her serious social issues. Although Sophies puppies were immediatly placed in foster and ulitmately adopted, Sophie found herself in foster for nearly a year. After returning from foster in early…

Happy New Year!

Categories: Pet Tips

Believe it or not, it's almost time to ring out 2013 and ring in 2014.  In just a few short hours it'll be a new year!  You can bet there will be plenty of parties and lots of noisemakers when the clock strikes midnight.  So let's not take the term"party animals" literally.  You need to be especially protective of your dog and cat tonight.  New Year's Eve is a time of year when lots of pets get scared of all the noise…