ADL cares for an average of 500-600 pets daily, and we’re able to because of YOU!

Approximately 60-75% of the animals that ADL rescues each year require advanced medical attention. Our hospital team provides comprehensive care for a wide variety of medical and surgical issues; including fractured bones, open wounds, heartworms, upper respiratory infection, ringworm, mange, Parvovirus and much more. Once in ADL’s care, our ADL hospital staff thoroughly examine each animal and determine if additional diagnostics and treatment are required.

All medical and surgical concerns are addressed before an animal is deemed adoption ready. Our ADL team truly goes above and beyond to provide gold standard care for each homeless animal that enters our shelter program. Your generous contribution ensures that ADL maintains the resources needed to treat every pet in our care, restore their health and happiness, and serves to make their wish of finding a forever home come true!

Give the gift of hope, health and a forever home