EmBARK Foster Application

Our EmBark program is a great opportunity to give our medium to large dogs (over 1 year old and over 40lbs) a break from shelter life! Studies have shown that dogs benefit from even a short amount of time in a home. EmBARK pets are fully vetted and ready for adoption! By being an EmBark foster, you are not only giving a pet a vacation from the kennels, but you are also able to become their champion in the quest to find their forever homes! Embark is a flexible short term fostering program that starts at just two weeks but can continue for as long as the foster chooses. We provide all the supplies and guidance you will need for your guest as well!

For a full overview of our Embark Program and for more details, please review the Embark Foster Manual below!
For any further questions, email embark@adltexas.org.

Download the EmBark Foster Handbook

Interested in fostering a pet? Fill out the application below!