Rescuing During the Pandemic

Dear ADL Supporters,

The widespread and profound impact of Covid-19 required our organization to act quickly and take decisive action to ensure ADL continues to safely provide vital and often urgently needed lifesaving resources to the animals of our community. ADL is in its 86th year of operation and this was the first time we as an organization faced so many unique challenges. We are pleased to share with you the story of our ability in many ways to successfully navigate our organization through this ongoing period of uncertainty.

Following the guidelines outlined by the CDC and our local government, our team took immediate and measured steps to integrate technology in our daily processes to safely continue our mission. Our team quickly revamped our programs and processes to ensure that our lifesaving efforts would continue in a manner which ensured the safety of our staff, volunteers and members of our great community.

ADL now ensures 100% of our pets are represented at all times within our online albums on our website, so members of the community looking to unite with their perfect pet are able to browse from the safety of their homes.

Once ready to visit our shelter to meet a pet or two, our newly created and easy to use online appointment calendar ensures that those ready to adopt are provided access to our open air campus. Our friendly staff greet visitors while maintaining safe social distancing practices on both ADL open air campuses.

Assisting Our Community

The ADL 2020 foster program continues to fully operate throughout the pandemic. Our team implemented a “curb side pickup” style support system. This change ensures our foster program continues to operate with the wonderful support of our foster families who selflessly open their homes to help care for the 1000s’ of orphaned neo-natal puppies and kittens that are born March – June each year.

We are pleased to share that throughout the pandemic, our life saving programs continue to safely deliver support at our municipal shelter and to members of our community via the ADL Direct Intake program.

As a result of quick planning, ADL expanded its programs and now safely provides urgent help to numerous new partners operating within surrounding communities also hard hit by the pandemic and desperate for assistance.

Thanks to the support of our community, and dedicated team of staff and volunteers, our programs saved the lives of 404 additional animals, an astounding 17% increase compared to 2019. This increase, despite the pandemic, has resulted in 2,755 precious lives saved so far in 2020!

The Results

We continue our work tirelessly to produce life saving performance that set new records, as with nearly all other entities, the pandemic forced the closure of ADL’s elective low-cost services such as public spay/neuter and wellness clinics, which historically generate income to fund our life saving programs.

Now more than ever we need your support to help fund our programs and ensure we can continue to serve the animals and members of our community in need. Please help by becoming a contributor.

On behalf of every employee, volunteer and for each of the lives saved of those in need, we thank you!