Change Lives

Help the Animal Defense League “Change Lives”


Animal Defense League of Texas announces its partnership with Coin Up, a revolutionary mobile donation app that rounds up donor credit/debit card transactions to the nearest dollar, and donates the “spare change” directly to Animal Defense League of Texas each month. ADL is excited to offer an easier and more convenient way to donate that fits seamlessly into donors’ lifestyles.

When you donate to ADL through Coin Up you can “Round Up and Donate” your credit/debit card transactions each month (to a set limit) OR set a “Fixed Monthly” amount to donate. One-time donation is available on Android only. There is a $5 monthly minimum donation required, and if you do not meet this minimum in a given month, your card will not be charged.

Animal Defense League of Texas invites current and new donors to download the Coin-Up app from the App Store, http://apple.co/2cDiGmR, and select Animal Defense League of Texas as their charity to start making incremental monthly donations to.

Android users or those without smartphones may also sign up with the Web App, www.coinupapp.com