Category: Pet Tips

Halloween Safety Pet Tips

Categories: Pet Tips

Watch the treat bowl! Candies, baked goods, and human food can be very toxic to pets. Especially chocolate and xylitol which are common ingredients in many candies. Keep all treats . . .

Guard the Door

Categories: Pet Tips

It’s one of those things that happens in an instant. You open the door to get the mail or check the weather and your dog takes that moment to run . . .

Let's Be Friends!

Categories: Pet Tips

For anyone who has ever heard some describe their dog as “aggressive,” you are not alone!  The truth is, in many cases it’s not aggression at all but REACTION that’s . . .

Housebreaking Woes

Categories: Pet Tips

Housebreaking is one of those things that almost every dog owner struggles with when they get a new best friend.  Whether you get a puppy or a dog, it’s always . . .

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