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Meet Maximillian

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This wonderful little Pomeranian arrived earlier in the week and will require several meds during his month long stay in foster. Should you be interested in fostering little Maximillian, please . . .

Say Hello To Cordelia

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This sweetheart is anxiously awaiting a new foster home and would love the opportunity to melt your heart. Interested in fostering? Please contact or by phone 210.655.1481 ext.123

Always Nice To Catch Up…

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It was great spending time with a couple of our wonderful fosters.

Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

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Currently available for foster are Clarence and Jake. These two wonderful little guys are almost ready for adoption and simply need to gain a few pounds before spay/neuter surgery. Literally . . .

Come Join Us..

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  Join us this Saturday 3.1.14 for plenty of fun at the season opener for the Alamo City Roller Girls.  

Hall & Oats

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Arriving at ADL only days old, these two fun terriers were originally placed in foster while bottle feeding. Still shy of weight and age, Hall & Oats could use a . . .

Update – William, Harry & Diana

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This adorable trio of Maltipoos have found a fantastic foster home and will be ready for adoption very soon. For more information regarding the ADL Foster Program, please contact . . .

Super Special for the Super Bowl

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Super Bowl XLVIII is this Sunday!  Not to sound too much like Hank Williams, Jr. … but I am ready for some football!  We know that some of your day . . .

Available Fosters

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  These fun little Chihuahua mixes were originally brought in at just 5 days old. They are just about ready for adoption, but could use about 2 more weeks of . . .

A True Foster Success Story

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The  2014 year is already off to a great start! To ring in the New Year, one of our long term fosters was able to find a forever home. Originally . . .

Fall in Love with a New BFF

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Ah Valentine’s Day … a time to fall in love, celebrate the love in your life or celebrate your single life status.  This is my first year as a wife . . .

A New "Star" at the ADL

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Have you ever had one of THOSE DAYS, when it just seems like a rain cloud is traveling over your head?  Well that happened to me quite literally last week.  . . .