Volunteer Programs

There are lots of ways to volunteer at ADL!

bodie3Dog Walking and Cat Socialization
Volunteers keep our dogs and cats happy by giving them lots of attention! Walking dogs, training, bathing, grooming, socializing cats and just visiting the animals makes all the difference!

Off-Site Adoption Events
The Animal Defense League holds off-site adoption events almost every weekend. Volunteers help us care for the animals at these events, as well as talk to potential adopters.

debraPet Photographers
A great opportunity for teams of two volunteers, you’ll work with our marketing team to assist in taking photos and videos of dogs and cats. This includes the profile head shot, action photos, and taking notes on personalities.

Kennel Care Support
Help dogs and cats find forever homes by keeping them clean and healthy! Kennel/cage cleaning, dishes, and laundry make up the bulk of the work from 9AM – 12PM every day of the week.

Recovery Room Assistant
Volunteers monitor and care for animals as they recover from anesthesia, help clean and prep surgery instruments, and cover other duties as needed.  Recovery Room Assistants must be 16 and older, and attend a hospital orientation in addition to general orientation.

Foster Care
Foster care provides temporary homes for animals who need a break from shelter life. Moving these animals into foster homes not only makes their lives better, but also saves the lives of those who take their place. Fostering a shelter animal is a rewarding experience, but requires hard work and dedication. Learn more about our foster program here: ADL FOSTER PROGRAM

JV+ (Junior Volunteer Rank Up)
The Animal Defense League has a program for Junior Volunteers between the ages of 13 and 15 who are ready for the next stage in the volunteer experience. With some extra training and the right attitude, JV+ members are allowed to hold the leash and volunteer without an adult right by their side (parents/guardians are still required to be on property).  JV+ is available only after going through the regular volunteer orientation with the parent/guardian and then taking the rank-up class when it’s offered.