Intake Procedure

Our Intake Policy for Animals is as follows:

The Animal Defense League is a private, nonprofit no-kill dog and cat shelter. ADL is not supported by tax-payer dollars. The Animal Defense League is a limited-access facility. We accept animals on an appointment only basis and only if space is available. We never euthanize an animal to make room for others. For a dog or cat to be considered for an intake appointment, ADL Intake staff must receive your intake request by e-mail with photos and a description of the pet (age, sex, weight, breed): or call us with the pet’s info at 210-655-1481, ext. 115 and leave a message.

Please note that an e-mail submission by you or a phone call by you to ADL does not guarantee you an appointment or that we will take in the pet (s) in question. Intake staff must contact you with an appointment date and time for when the pet (s) will be considered for intake. We are only able to take in dogs and cats based on the available kennel space. Intake decisions are based on the number and size of open kennels and not on a first-come, first-served basis.

All animals must be friendly, adoptable and pass a health and behavioral assessments before we agree to accept them. We are not able to accept any aggressive or feral dogs and cats and we can only take in a limited number of injured or sick animals.

Due to the amount of intake requests that the shelter receives, Intake staff will reply to your intake request by email or return phone call as soon as possible.

If ADL agrees to accept a dog or cat, there is a mandatory $35 surrender fee ($20 for a puppy or kitten) to help pay for the animal’s care and a pet profile must be completed. The pet profile can be found by selecting Pet Profile. We encourage you to print the profile form, complete it and bring it with you the day of your appointment. There is always a strong possibility that we will not be able to accept animals due to a lack of space at the shelter even after an intake appointment has been set for you. Our funding does not allow intake of any kind on Sundays.

To view our full intake policy and other resources and shelters for you with placing pets, please download a copy of the ADL Intake Policy (pdf format).

For pregnant dogs or cats, nursing moms, puppies under six weeks of age or kittens under 10 weeks of age you must also e-mail ADL’s Intake staff at or leave a message at 210-655-1481, ext. 115 to determine if space is available and to allow ADL time to secure a foster volunteer. Make sure you leave a good call back number where you can be reached throughout the day and into early evening. It may take several days to return  your call.

Unfortunately, the Animal Defense League of Texas cannot take in every abandoned, stray, or unwanted pet, including injured dogs and cats that the public wants us to accept. We are limited by kennel space and by our available financial resources. We do not receive any local or federal government funding. The Animal Defense League shares your frustration. We are overwhelmed and saddened by the number of unwanted dogs and cats.

Para ver nuestra polica de recibimineto de perros y gatos en Español; incluyendo otros lugares que aceptan animales y mas recursos de ayuda, siga Recibimineto de Animales (forma pdf).

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to help with the unending problem of too many unwanted animals in our community.

To help control the overpopulation of animals in San Antonio, ADL offers low cost spay and neuter procedures by appointment. More information can be found HERE.